At Luminis we are aware of the importance of knowing a global language. Which is why we start with language teaching at a young age. Anyone who has been around children know they learn their native language by stages, and it is the same in learning a second language. The first stage is understanding one or two word phrases (LISTENING), then comes preproduction and early production (SPEAKING) by imitating and repeating finally we have speech fluent students who can speak and read full words then sentences.

Our methods, techniques and tools are numerous and all focused on making English classes fun and dynamic, including cooperative learning, values, songs, visual material, games, crazy science experiments, arts, projects and other amazing activities.Our teachers all have an advanced English level, they are highly qualified, experienced and apply a humanistic approach being caring, respectful and passionate.


At Luminis we are aware of the importance of knowing a global language. English is one of the most important subjects in schools these days which is why we have established clear objectives developing the four skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.

Our teachers are highly qualified, have excellent classroom management skills which is why they can work with in any level or classroom with no problem.

We apply different methodologies according to the children’s needs.

Our classes include organization skills, pronunciation techniques, grammar and spelling skills, reading comprehension, crazy science experiments, art projects, and many more cool and fun activities. We have different contests and events during the school year like our spelling bee contest, annual music competition, holiday festivities, cultural events and expositions.


Our levels are: Starters, A1, A2, B1, B2 to C1

The difference between success and failure classes lies in connecting with, motivating and managing teenagers. Building rapport with students is essential in our classes. We challenge our student’s improving their knowledge  without pressure.

 Our teachers are highly qualified, experienced and all have an advanced English level.

We have devoted time and expertise on choosing  methodologies, strategies and classroom activities according to the students’ age and interests making learning English enjoyable, effective and rewarding.

We understand that our teenagers require engaging materials which cement their English Language foundations and take them through to the advanced levels in a fun way while promoting independent learning skills.